2021 Top 10 Best 3D Puzzles for Adults

2021 Top 10 Best 3D Puzzles for Adults
We compiled all the recommended 3D puzzles for you to explore new challenges. Happy assembling!

Top 10 Best 3D Puzzles for Adults in 2021


After experiencing traditional jigsaw puzzles, now let’s move to another puzzle dimension that you can experience in three-dimensional (3D). Applying the same interlocking concept, welcome to the evolution of jigsaw puzzles. Puzzle Planet serves a wide variety of 3D puzzles by different manufacturing materials and special mechanisms. Here are the top 10 best 3D puzzles you can find in Puzzle Planet.

3D Puzzle Flowerpot

A unique puzzle, suitable for house decoration and also as a gift selection. This 3D flower pot not only an enjoyable puzzle game but you can put a live plant in it!


3D Puzzle Globe with C-Stand

Favorite selection by our customers is table decoration, classy and elegant look. Fun to assemble, quite challenging with the limited color palette and of course the spherical shape.


3D Puzzle Balloon Keychain

New collection by Pintoo, the keychain is in hot air balloon shape with selectable designs; easy to assemble and can hang it together with your car keys, house keys, or wallets.


3D Crystal Puzzle – Owl

Another option for three-dimensional puzzles, experience the new kind of crystal-clear puzzle pieces with a unique assembling process. Try not to refer to the steps!


3D Wooden Mechanical Model – Bird

Pay attention to the new traits, the wooden puzzle. Your assembling process is turning into a different level with this 3D wooden puzzle with moving mechanisms.


3D Cactus Desk Organizer

Yes, this is also in puzzle form, made from fine quality wood. You need to assemble the cactus before you can place it on your desk or workstation. Nice décor and wholly fun experience.


3D Wooden Mechanical Model – Dancing Ballerina

A whole new vibe for the music box is here! You can assemble your music box, with this complex mechanical model made from high-quality natural wood.


3D Wooden Mechanical Model – Steampunk Clock

This model imitates a clock, and it is a beautiful, intricately designed imitation with a delicate body. It contains a mechanism that provides motion to the gears and allows for movement of the clock hands.


3D Metal Mechanical Model

Explore the thrill of assembling metal mechanical models; challenging and recommended for those who enjoy DIY self-assembly kits. A mysterious and unique piece, this clockwork timer is not only beautiful but also functional!


3D Wooden Trick Box – Radbox

This wooden trick box is the most special, not only it is handcrafted by the famous inventor from Germany, Jean Claude Constantin but this masterpiece challenges you to unlock it by using your creativity and logical thinking. The Radbox is at Difficulty Level 6/10.


With all the listed three-dimensional puzzles above, hopefully, will give you some idea on trying the new fun assembling games, only available in Puzzle Planet.