7 Joyously Bonding Activities on Siblings Day

7 Joyously Bonding Activities on Siblings Day
Get ready for a quality time with your lifetime buddies. Here are some ideas on what you can do...

7 Joyously Bonding Activities on Siblings Day

Did you guys know some countries like the United Kingdom and India celebrate Siblings Day on 10th April every year? Why don’t we also do the same good thing! Ring all your siblings and do a gathering to celebrate this special day together. Here are the 7 joyously bonding time activities to fill on the celebration day.

#1 A sibling picnic

As we are turning adults, the lesser time we got to spend time with our siblings because of our priorities and works. Take this one special day to spend with your brothers and sisters for a picnic day! You can either do a potluck or grab anything, the most important part is to be together and have a long chat about the good old days.


#2 Board games

What is more interesting than board games! These would be the most hectic activities to do on Siblings Day. You know your siblings very well, and there would be the betrayer, the victim, and the game genius. You can foresee dramas from this activity for sure.

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#3 A treasure hunt game

Even though this is more to kids’ game, but adults can do so too. The excitement of reading and solving tricky clues help us to enjoy the hunt and maybe this is your a-must-do activity on Siblings Day.

#4 Dinner date for siblings

It is either restaurant reservation or home cook dinner, arranging dinner date is a win-win solution. You can spend quite some time together despite living far apart from each other.


#5 Siblings trivia

Siblings surely know a lot about each other since they spend lots of time together since childhood. They are the very first best friends before we went to school, hold lots of secrets too, of course. So, it is time to recall those memories back and spill whatever the untold.

#6 Siblings movie night

Prepare some pillows and popcorns because you are having a movie night on Siblings Day. It is very simple, just enjoy being accompanied and the movie through the night with your siblings.


#7 Siblings photoshoot

Capture all craziness in a photoshoot with all your siblings. Siblings have plenty of mutual memories – funny, embarrassing, and teardrop moments are all documented.

Siblings are our friends during childhood and this lifetime bond is cannot be changed in any way. Puzzle Planet currently launched the new product range, board games locally made in Malaysia. Perhaps this will give you an idea of what to play especially for this upcoming Siblings Day.