Do People Who Play Puzzles are Geniuses?

Do People Who Play Puzzles are Geniuses?
What say you about this? Find out why the answers can become YES or NO or even both

Do People Who Play Puzzles are Geniuses?

When this question is popped out, it makes us think it twice or more. Some people instead instantly agree with this but some people bring this into a topic to discuss. So here we will know both sides, yes or no, on the fact that playing puzzles can create geniuses.


Some opinions said that people who are playing puzzles are not geniuses but they are the expert on this kind of games. So that is why people who like to play puzzles can assemble the pieces easily or if the puzzle involves tricks, they can simply solve them faster than the one who is not into puzzles. A response from a forum by Aditya Vikram said his friend can solve Rubik cube but Vikram is better than him in the studies. While his other friend, with an equal score in studies, is very good at playing chess, but Vikram is not. “A smart businessman will surely lose against me in mathematics or physics but he already knows how to make a lot of money and I will prove to be weak in front of him in business” he added. So, from here we can say people who disagree that the one who playing puzzles is genius because of the perseverance, ability to thrive, desire to learn more and more, and your interest’s matter.

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But the majority of people agree that playing puzzles can create geniuses and here are some reasons why:

  • Improves Your Memory

Playing puzzles can strengthen your mind and improve your short-term memory! During the assembling process, when your eyes recorded each of the puzzle pieces, this will enhance the brain cell connections. That is how you can reduce your hard time remembering car keys, appointments, or other tasks in your daily routines.


  • Exercises Both Sides of Brain

Your brain definitely to do workouts too. You can get smarter while playing puzzles because this activity is good for both sides of the brain. The right brain side is for creative and intuitive acts, while the left brain side is more logical and methodical. Hence, both sides of the brain are actively working out along the assembling process and of course, you can find playing puzzles have the potential to increase your working patterns and productivity.


  • Enhance Problem Solving Skills

Playing puzzles is a challenge where you have lots of questions, reasons, and alternatives before you finally complete the whole piece. Your brain and focus are actively working together to solve the puzzles and it keeps improving as you do the next puzzles too. Plus, it is proven that both children and adults that this skill is beneficial for work, school, and play.


In a nutshell, we can conclude that we cannot measure if the puzzles can turn you into geniuses, but one thing for sure, you can become smarter by playing it. And puzzles are not the game that we should skip. After finding out the YES and NO sides, we can conclude that puzzle is a good tools for our brain development and surely improves our productivity in our daily life.

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