7 Recommended Tips to Play Puzzle Trick Box

7 Recommended Tips to Play Puzzle Trick Box
Looking for puzzle trick box solutions? Refer this guidelines from expert trick box collectors here

7 Recommended Tips to Play Puzzle Trick Box

Puzzle boxes are originated from Japan in the early nineteenth century, and now this game is popularly known by other countries such as Turkey, Poland, Costa Rica, and Germany. The mind-challenging puzzle boxes are characterized by their various locking mechanisms, using pins, magnets, gravity, and inertia. Hence, these puzzles are differed by their difficulty level, with more complex steps to unlock or access them.

When it comes to the question, “How to solve the puzzle box” actually there is no right answer for that. Either the ones who succeed are geniuses, have solved multiple puzzle boxes before, or solve it after the thousandth attempts. But here, we can highlight some recommended tips by an experienced puzzle box collector that might give an idea to work on your puzzle box.

#1 Patience is the Key. Patience is what you need the most during the process because you would not know how long it takes. Keep your mind and focus together, do not overdo yourself that lead to burnout or even worst, giving up easily.


#2 Take time to understand the box decoration and feature. The primary step in solving a question is to analyze it first. The same goes for the puzzle box. Observe the beams, seams, holes, or metals from the box.

#3 “Sometimes what you see is not what you got” this is quoted by the collector. What he meant is sometimes the seams are purposedly built to create confusion. What most important is, to think out of the box. Remember, the puzzle box has lots of tricks that not everyone can open.


#4 The sensitivity of your sensory parts is much more needed especially ears. While you flip the box, pay attention to even the tiniest sound made from it. It gives a bit clue to a solution indeed.

#5 Knocking may help a lot. While figuring on how to solve it, try to knock the box a bit. This can help you identify the sound or any possibilities to attempt.


#6 Never use force to move a puzzle box piece. If it's supposed to move, it will move easily.

#7 Feel the wood texture, compare each of them. All the wood surface either smooth or rough, they were built with purpose.

trickbox-puzzleplanet-3  trickbox-puzzleplanet-4

Here are the steps to solve wooden puzzle box with beams type:

  • Count how many beams surround your box.
  • Find the wooden seams along the shorter edges of your box has 2 beams
  • Pinch opposite corners next to the seams
  • Pull forward until the storage compartment slides out
  • Remove a small, vertical piece of wood if your box has 4 horizontal beams
  • Wiggle the remaining wooden pieces to reveal the first drawer
  • Reach into the open space and push down on the remaining wood.

This is a new challenge that not all people able to solve. And the one who manages to solve the tricks can be considered a genius and could be a great mastermind. Try your very first wooden puzzle box now!


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