How Puzzles Help with Left & Right Brain

How Puzzles Help with Left & Right Brain
Puzzles are not just a hobby. Here is how the puzzles are closely related to our brain activities.

How Puzzles Help with Left & Right Brain

The human brain is a hemisphere-complex organ that controls the whole-body system. To stay efficient and increase its memory capacity, the brain also needs exercises. One of the most effective exercises is the puzzle-solving activity. This activity involved a wide range of emotions that induce larger brain activity and beneficial to both the left and right brain.

Left brain

Puzzle-solving requires logical thinking which the left brain is responsible for. Plus, these activities are perfect for enhancing attention skills.

Right brain

The right brain is responsible for facial recognition therefore visual memory. So, the matching game is the right game to play. It will improve attention and memory skills.


The Left and right brain work together

You will not notice how both left and right brain hemisphere works during the puzzle assembling process. Our brain starts to trigger since we open the puzzle, where the puzzle activity begins. The left brain likes to organize the loose pieces into the respective positions while the right brain sees the creativity of the puzzle image unfold in front of our eyes, igniting our emotions with enthusiasm and accomplishment.


Benefits puzzles to our brain health

  • Puzzles exercise both sides of the brain at once
  • Improve short-term memory
  • Improve visual-spatial reasoning
  • Great meditational tool and stress reliever
  • Create elevated levels of satisfaction


Research and studies are constantly being produced showing how doing jigsaw puzzles (for the brain) and maintaining a fully active lifestyle (for the body) may gain you a longer lifespan and reduce or delay future long term old age problems such as Alzheimer’s, memory loss and/or dementia.

Our brain produces dopamine that gives us the capacity to learn and maintain memory levels. From that, it is said that solving a puzzle increases the production of dopamine – it’s like a workout session for brain health.

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