5 Pro Tips to Assemble 3D Wooden Mechanical Model

5 Pro Tips to Assemble 3D Wooden Mechanical Model
Learn the effective professional tips to help you assemble the 3D wooden mechanical models easier.

5 Pro Tips to Assemble 3D Wooden Mechanical Model

3D mechanical wooden model is another challenging hobby which involves in assembling wooden parts and some of the models have motor together. Are you new to this hobby? Here are the helpful pro tips that can benefit you along the process.

Tips #1: Hold the board with its front side directed to you
In the primary step, you need to detach the parts from the board. So, the burr is pulled together with the parts, it would only affect the board, not the parts. It is best to use a knife to incise the hangers’ parts easily. 


Tips #2: Candle and toothpick are combo tools
In some cases, there was a time when you have difficulties inserting a toothpick in the assembled gearwheel. The candle is the best lubricant. Rub the toothpick with a candle, and you may also lubricate all the projecting axes of the gearwheels before installing them together. Hence, less friction happens during the rotation.

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Tips #3: Do not lubricate the parts of the pendulum connection
These parts are normally the two projecting sticks in the tractor or timer. If you do so, the pendulum will not swing but skid.

Tips #4: No burrs, smooth motion
Pay attention to details to burrs especially on the gearwheel parts. Burrs can hinder the delicate motion of the models.

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Tips #5: Lubricate creaks 
If squeaks or creaks happens at the gearwheel, lubricate it with a candle, paraffin, or wax. Also applied the same when the plywood edge is too resinous and some teeth tend to seize.

With those tips above, we wish you the best in assembling your models and developing this new hobby. Puzzle Planet provides various 3D wooden mechanical models, from small widgets to XXL size, by established brands like UGears, EWA, and Wooden City. Find your models and start assembling now!


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