10 Most Effective Tips for Puzzle Beginners

10 Most Effective Tips for Puzzle Beginners
Still new to jigsaw puzzle game? Here are the detailed and easy guide to follow and master this game

Effective Tips for Puzzle Beginners

Living in a fast-changing technology makes us overlooked such inventive activity which can exercise your brain and creativity at the same time. Puzzles is a traditional game discovered centuries ago by our ancestors. But now, this ever-last game becomes a peak lifestyle and hobby to share with everyone during this stay-at-home period. Slowly our puzzle community develops so well and many people are gaining interest in puzzle activities these days. Thus, here are some friendly tips to enjoy puzzles at the beginner level.

Beautiful Looking Landscapes and Scenic Jigsaws: You Better Think Twice

You may think scenic jigsaws are stunning to look at once it is finished. But those designs normally contain the same color in big areas that can be super hard, not only for beginners. Try to avoid designs with the sky, snow, mountain, or water because they have pieces with the same color; very frustrating to solve.



Choose a Rectangular-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

This shape is the most suitable, to begin with. Other shapes like oval and circular are much harder because of random shape edges or having curved.

Look for Good Color Variations and Patterns

Colorful and distinctive pattern puzzles are a good start for beginners. It is easier to pick out from the numbers of puzzle pieces. Avoid black and white or dark and moody puzzles.

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Have an Ample Working Space

Please be sure of the puzzle size when it is finished and have enough space to group the puzzle pieces during the assembling process. Plus, make sure your puzzle mat or board also could fit the puzzle you opt to do.

Instead, you can use a plastic puzzle that can hold the pieces together and no glue required. 

Here are Some Tips to Assemble the Puzzle:

  • Separate the corner and edge pieces
  • Face up the all the pieces
  • Sort the edge pieces by shape
  • Study the design before you start the edge
  • Get familiar with the piece’s shapes
  • If you’re stuck with one area, change to another one
  • Every piece you fit leaves fewer pieces to choose from
  • Sort by color or pattern
  • Work on islands (middle parts) and join them up
  • Keep it fresh


By referring to these tips above, find your most suitable puzzles here, at Puzzle Planet. We provide a wide range of jigsaw puzzle products from various well-known brands like Pintoo, Heye, and Educa. Good luck everyone!

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