Top Indoor Activities to Fill Your Days

Top Indoor Activities to Fill Your Days
Find out more on what you can benefit from being indoor. Some of these could break your boredom

Top indoor activities to fill your days

Time flies so fast; we have been battling this vulgar virus for a year now. Let’s bring down the virus together by staying at home and practice a full hygienic routine. Although remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and “flatten the curve” of daily cases that can put pressure on our health care system, it could lead to lesser evil: boredom and stir craziness.

So, what you can do to break free while being indoors? Here are the top indoor activities to help your quarantine time memorable and most importantly protect your mental health too.

  • Watch all the long movies you’ve avoided until now
  • Write poetry. Unveil your pure literacy, Shakespeare!
  • Meditate. Try to lay down, face your palms together while your eyes are closed. Practice the breathing in a calm and relaxing way

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    • Watch films that won Oscars for best pictures
    • Take a bubble bath!
    • Cooking time! Learn how to cook, this is the right ample time. If you are already know-how, how about try the new recipe or cuisine.


    • Clear out the family room and camp indoors with all blankets, popcorn, and scary movies
    • Make a list of things for which you are grateful
    • Do your own Youtube channel!
    • Host an indoor scavenger hunt. And all family members must participate in it
    • Dye your hair a new color. No one will see if it doesn’t go well
    • Rearrange your furniture to create a different space
    • Complete a puzzle: the more pieces the better!


    • Watch all Star Wars movies
    • Attempt things with your non-dominant hand, from writing to brushing your teeth. Ambidextrous, maybe.
    • How many words can you type in a minute? Improve your typing speed by taking a typing course
    • Stretch. Work on your flexibility, defying your age. It is possible to get the splits, back right?
    • You know how there are dozens of ways to wear a scarf, but you only wear it the one way? Learn the other ways.
    • Sleep. Get lots of it.

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