7 Home Decor Ideas with Puzzles

7 Home Decor Ideas with Puzzles
Add on volume to your house decoration with puzzles. Make it puzzle classy, no more mainstream view

7 Home Decor Ideas with Puzzles


Puzzles are limitless. Not only for hobby to play on leisure time, but your liking can turn into a lifestyle. Decorating your house with what you love can be more meaningful isn’t it? This kind of decoration surely can transform your space to be more livelier and aesthetic at the same time.

Finding an idea to decorate your home? Here are some helpful ideas for you to decorate your own puzzle planet!


Framed puzzles

First thing, make use of your completed puzzles. Frame them with any color which could match your concept and hang them on the wall. It could be in the living room, the wall behind sofa or even in your bedroom.

In Puzzle Planet, we also provide frame accessories for most of our puzzles. So, it may save your time to find or to build the puzzle frames.

Signature stools

Puzzle stools can enhance the deco elements on your space. You can ask the handy man to design the interlocking stools or any design which suits your preference.


Puzzle wall

Make your wall exceptional. Paint the whole bare wall with puzzle shape designs! Absolutely gives the volume for your space.

A puzzle table

Instead of hanging the puzzle on the wall, here is one exquisite idea for you. Once you complete the puzzle, leave it on the table. All you have to do is place a matched glass on top of the table. You still can use the table like usual.

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Magnet puzzles

Try using big puzzle pieces. It’s as simple as buying a magnet plate and cutting it in the shape of a puzzle piece and putting it wherever you want. This is perfect for the fridge.

Or, you may find our cool designs puzzle magnet. We are pleased to make your deco process easier.

Puzzle tiles style

The idea is like the wall is supposed to filled entirely with tiles, but something got distracted and stepped away. This technique works well in a sparsely decorated, high-contrast space where the tile application is sure to stand out. 


Dynamic door

Custom cut wooden jigsaw door is a good idea for puzzle home deco too. This design works well with different wood shades which give good impression of workmanship than monolithic door. 

Hopefully these deco ideas can inspire you to brighten up and give a fresh new look your home sweet home. Feel free to visit our outlets or our website to find out on what we can help with your deco project.

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