7 Ways to Celebrate Puzzle Day

7 Ways to Celebrate Puzzle Day
Happy Puzzle Day! Special day just for you, puzzle lovers. Create a wonderful puzzle moment today!

7 Ways to Celebrate Puzzle Day

Did you all know Puzzle Day falls on 29th January every year? Well, this celebration is initially originated in United States and now celebrated by other countries too. Thus, there is no reason for not celebrating too, right? And here, we provide you 7 ways to celebrate your own Puzzle Day.

Use #PuzzleDay on social media

  • Spread the goodness with all your followers, so everyone aware on what is happening on that day and encourage them join in the fun!


Level up your game

  • This 29th January, challenge and upgrade your skills with slightly difficult puzzle. Let’s see how skillful you are compared to last 29th January

Try something new

  • There are different types of puzzles in market. Explore yourself in 3D, wooden, or even trick box puzzles. You also can check out our website and see different puzzle ranges that we offered.


Treat yourself

  • Time to treat yourself with what you love. It is a chance to get self-indulgence and exercise your brain too.

Plan a puzzle party

  • Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity to do with your family and friends. This activity is where everyone is together in slow pace and turns into a hectic one along the journey.

Mount and frame a puzzle for the first time

  • Puzzle images are already a piece of art, this could match perfectly with your home decoration. After you complete the puzzle pieces, all you need to do is glue them all together and hang or place them at the designated area. Puzzle Planet also offers a no-glue required puzzle collection and most of them have frames which sold separately.


Plan a puzzle theme activity

  • Many activities can be done with puzzle theme. It can be puzzle craft, puzzle cake, or even puzzle painting. Plan whichever activity that might be interesting to share with your family and friends. The more the merrier

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From these ways, we hope that they could inspire you on how to celebrate puzzle day. Let us make puzzles is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

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