5 Reasons Why Iwako Eraser Safe for Babies

5 Reasons Why Iwako Eraser Safe for Babies
Pick the right toys for the babies. Find out why Iwako erasers are kids friendly even for toddlers

5 Reasons Why Iwako Eraser Safe for Babies


Picking toys for kids especially toddlers are quite out-of-the-way right? Most of the toys are recommended for 3 years old and above only. There are so many aspects you need to consider which made the options being so limited. But now, you don’t have worry anymore. Iwako eraser toys are safe for babies, and enjoyable toys for kids’ development.

Iwako is a Japanese known brand which produces wide variety eraser toys, closely complying with all safety and environmental aspects – bringing joy and happiness for children and parents with no worries.

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Here are the reasons why Iwako eraser safe for babies:

Complied safety standard of the world.

Iwako localize the packages by applying the safety marks and descriptions following the standards of each markets in order to distribute to the overseas markets. The report tests are as such:

  • EN71 part 1-3
  • CPSIA/ASTM F 963
  • GSO EN71 part 1-3

Toy texture: Rubbery and soft to the touch.

Though the toys will be in the babies’ mouths, it won’t affect the gums and teeth growth. Plus, Iwako’s cute and colorful designs can be pulled apart and rebuilt like 3D puzzles, but function like real erasers.


All materials are PVC free.

The company uses an eco-friendly process to mold and color their erasers.

Detailed workmanship.

Each eraser is assembled by hand with loving care, usually from the home of an Iwako employee, and then re-inspected to ensure quality in each product.

The color won’t torn off against babies’ skin.

Some low-quality toy eraser leaves color stain which could be harmful since all things going to be put in babies’ mouths. But, Iwako eraser is not – the erasers are rich bright colors, safe from color chemicals. 

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While Iwako erasers are made to be child-friendly, they certainly aren’t just for children! If you’re searching for some cool erasers to place around your desk or dresser, you’re in luck; if you’re looking to decorate your sacred space with cute erasers, you’re equally touched by good fortune! But be careful with the counterfeit products which obviously far below the quality of what Iwako served.

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