Puzzle: Recommended Lifestyle & Hobby

Puzzle: Recommended Lifestyle & Hobby
Deciding what you can enjoy the most, but gain more at the same time? Puzzles surely what you need.

Puzzle: Recommended Hobby & Lifestyle

“I don’t think I have considered jigsaw puzzles a hobby. They have always been something I have done and enjoyed so I guess I could consider them a hobby. There are many aspects of enjoyment to jigsaw puzzles. They can be very simple and easy for beginners or very complex and challenging to more experienced to more advanced users.”

 – Joyce Pirtle, former Administrative Secretary.


Puzzles is such like inherited by generations ever since it was created by an Englishman named John Spilsbury. This great hobby in not only enjoyable by children; but adults throughout the world also develop their interest for this fun-hour game. Plus, puzzles are affordable, relaxing, a bonding activity among family and friends.

  • Satisfaction from doing puzzles

This relaxing activity might be challenging as well. You may need some time to find the pieces and fit them together which can bring the sense of satisfaction. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending a quality time becoming lost in your own world leaving a harsh, stressful day behind. Moreover, some individuals mount the puzzles for pictures of their wall with attractive frames as a home decoration.

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  • Educationally benefit hobby

As for educational purposes, puzzles are widely use in all school areas. They are also used as special education tools; therapeutic purpose to teach and treat students in counselling department. True story, an old lady aged 71 years old in Penang plays puzzle most of her time as a therapy to improve her memory and brain cells. Well, puzzle is beyond a hobby, doing what you love indirectly helps your mental health too.


  • Spread your hobby with others

Share what you like with your loved ones and make it special. Puzzles become more and more popular these days. This kind of gift is pretty common these days, giving hours of pleasure and enjoyment towards the recipients. Puzzles today not only have the existing text and pictures but you can custom create them by your specifications. You can create a puzzle from a hand-picked picture as a gift to make it more memorable. Puzzle Planet is the right place to custom create your gift with high quality puzzle printing!


Puzzles are currently one of the tops of the line activities. They require little knowledge to participate in, and are inexpensive activity. You will always get the same thrill when you start doing the puzzle, due to the fact there is such a varied selection of puzzles in appearance, type, size, and style. Besides, an affordable gift fit for man, woman or children of every taste and preference. So, how is your puzzle hobby progress now? And, it is not too late to start this all-benefits hobby!

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